Nothing but gray


and gray again.

Until a hint of blue trickles in.

A spark of red spills over.

In the distance, a yellow stripe waves.

And there, a giant orange cast.

Everything changes.

Until everyone has forgotten what he was just doing.

Kladderadatsch is like a look and search book in which

gray figures are followed in their daily lives.

Until their world is thoroughly shaken by the arrival of color.

An unbridled fantasy trip for everyone from the age of three.

A performance by: Freek De Craecker, Femke Platteau & Tijs Verbrugge

Game: Femke Platteau, Freek De Craecker & Tijl Piryns

Scenography, costumes and performance: Lotte Boonstra

Set design and lighting design: Max Adams

Music: Tijl Piryns

Coach: Jits Van Belle

Stage production and directing assistance: Silke Gerinckx

Promo image: Olympe Tits

Production manager: Maaike Scheltjens

Technique: Zeno Verlee

Technical coordinator: Koen Bellens

Co-production: Per Podium