Come along for a night swim and dive into the underbelly of the club! Drown in drinking organs. Become weightless. Seduce a giggling gabber nymph. Drown into oblivion. Cry over missing butt plugs. Whip the whip on Bacchus' buttocks. Feel the moon in your throat and the hunger in the club. Laugh with the lost souls on dry land. Knock out the shame. Slow with the whore of Babylon. Fumble with crazy aquatic creatures. Dance the polonaise with the twelve apostles. Get rituals out of your ass and shots out of your ears. And marinate yourself in pre-cum. With a shared love for the Dionysian, nightlife, glitter and spectacle, Jarne and Lieselot made 'Night swimming' together. A party disguised as a show. Or a performance disguised as a party. Concept: Jarne Van Loon & Lieselot Siddiki - performance: May Abnet, Floris Baeke, Nona Demey Gallagher, Electra, Susan from Grindr, Krietjur, Elisabeth Klinck, Mauve Lux Margy Regniers, Lieselot Siddiki, Valentina Angelique Tóth, Freek De Craecker & Simon Baetens & Jarne Van Loon - costume: Aidan Abnet & Lieselot Siddiki - music: Oscar Pilchard Claus, Elisabeth Klinck, Margy Regniers, Valentina Toth & Nid&Sancy - visuals: Anton Clays - play and make-up: Mauve Lux & Krietjur - poster image: Valerie de Backer, May Abnet, Krietjur & Mauve Lux - thanks to: Karel Busschop, Noel David, Jana De Kockere, Jaimy Aris D'hont, Simon Dewinne, Maarten Dings, Nid & Sancy, Joeri Happel, Nele Keukelier, Bardia Mohammad, Vic Peeters, Gaspard Rozenwajn, SPA for Spirits, Naomi van der Horstt, Alles Kan Stad Gent, Gouvernement, Voo?uit & Zuidpark - a production by Gouvernement - in conjunction with Night Shift Pictures by Michiel Devijver