Bla Bla Blues

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Bla bla blah blah blaah! Blah blah blah, blah blah. Bla bla bleuh blah bla bla bla? Bla bla bla? Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla blaaa… Bla bla blaaaa blah. Bla bla blaaa bla blah! Blah! Bla bla blaha blahaha bla bla Bla Bla Blues! ” Femke Platteau and Freek De Craecker got to know each other while playing at 4Hoog. Together with Frans van der Aa and Raf Walschaerts they made the performance Stekeblind. After the great collaboration, they decided to create their own children's show: Bla Bla Blues. Bla Bla Blues is an absurd visual performance for children from the age of 8 and their families. Different figures live together in a large apartment building. They are plucked from a bygone era. Together they live next to, with, on, over, under and without each other. They each slog with their solitude in a world where everything seems possible. They become entangled in a search for connection with each other, themselves and their environment. Made and performed by: Femke Platteau and Freek De Craecker Costumes: Jana Roos Decor: The Cabinet Music: Jonas Detavernier, Willem-Alexander Langlet and Mathijs Steels Technique: Ole Ceenaeme Coaching: Katrien Valckenaers and Frans Van der Aa Dramaturgical advice: Kristof Van Baarle Production assistance: Celine Vanhoutte Production: One Eyed Jack vzw Photos: Leontien Allemeersch, Yuri van der Hoeven With thanks to: Production house 4Hoog, Biblab, WALPURGIS music theater, fABULEUS, GC De Linde, GC De Kriekelaar, Gouvernement, the mums and the dads, Iven Deduytschaver, Olivia and Jean-Pierre, Tante Rodica, Tom Goossens, Randi De Vlieghe, Oma Marie-Louise Van Bellekes, Dr. Elly Belly, Griet Troch, and others In co-production with: ccHasselt / Het LAB With the support of the Flemish Government, cc De Schakel and the municipality of Wetteren.