Camping Sunset, the revelation of the past TheaterFestival, is back. This summer they will be releasing Happiness, based on Todd Solondz's acclaimed film. An ode to plucking life, because life is a party, as long as you hang the garlands yourself. Happiness is about sleeping peacefully without demons in your head and a healthy dose of Seroxat in your stomach. About everyday life. About doing your best and then failing and then failing better and then everything again. About fucking and a lack thereof. Happiness is yolo, is being satisfied with yourself. The quest for the human dimension and the American dream. Desires and secrets, all around that one concept: touch. Camping Sunset, a collective of 15 newly graduated players, always starts from the principle that they play longer than rehearse. Because you become a player by playing. You, as a spectator, can come and see three times with one ticket. This way you challenge the players to throw themselves in front of the lions, and you see them and the performance evolve throughout the three-week playing period. You're in bed. There is a rope around your neck. Life is good. The bread is fresh. You greet a kind woman. You drink coffee at home. You eat sandwiches. You read the newspaper. Life is good. You go to bed. There is a rope hanging around your neck. Camping Sunset is Aimé Claeys, Arne de Tremerie, Bjorn Floréal, Carine van Bruggen, Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven, Erica Van Mulders, Eva Bracke, Flor Van Severen, Freek De Craecker, Gilles Pollak, Jana De Kockere, Jesse Vandamme, Joeri Happel, Lennert Boots, Loes Swaenepoel, Louise Bergez, Lucie Plasschaert, Martha Balthazar, Menzo Kirzc & Mitch Van Landeghem Play in Happiness: Arne de Tremerie, Carine van Bruggen, Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven, Flor Van Severen, Freek De Craecker, Loes Swaenepoel, Menzo Kirzc & Mitch Van Landeghem Coaching: Jesse Vandamme & Lennert Boots Musical accompaniment: FAN Costumes: Bjorn Floreal, Louis Verlinde & Lucie Plasschaert Scenography: Gilles Pollak Technique: Gilles Pollak & Philippe Digneffe Text editing: Camping Sunset, free to Happiness (Todd Solondz) Concept Camping Sunset: Carine van Bruggen & Eleonore Van Godtsenhoven Communication: Erica Van Mulders Production coordination / Corona coordinator: Eva Bracke Production: Camping Sunset & CAMPO Co-production: Vooruit Arts Center With thanks to: The TheaterFestival, de Wasserij, City of Ghent, Refu Interim and everyone who has contributed in a way to make this project possible.