"What can be incendiary in our words? What affective turbulence can our gestures propose? How can the act of coming together and the act of bringing together words and gestures, simultaneously threaten our stability, our security, even our will to power? To begin a creation, one must first assemble. Since our first ‘assembly’ on November 25th 2016, we have taken the risk to form a group through words, questions, gestures and their transmission. The risk remains in the loss that takes place in between what the thing that is said and the thing that is done, in the distance between what one says and the saying makes us do. The principe of this assembly is the understanding that we are all made of words; and that these words incite us to certain gestures; and that these gesture become the place where we live together. To talk, to listen, to perform and to question are the actions that formulate our collective being and our network of the sensible. ​ Powder is thus organized as a reconciliation between word and gesture, and in doing so, looks to be a critical act towards currents events, an act of desire and of forms of resistance to a crushing power. We welcome these elements, starting from the singularity of each performer, et we jettison them in the heart of the scene, in a quest for a chorus evocative of a form of resistance. Resistance to the demolition of differences, of Trumpisms, the stereotypical roles of films that are presented to us, the simplistic latitude, the burden of history, the banal spitefulness… This work is only starts from things that are said or articulated; of articulations originating out of the mouths and the entire bodies of the performers during our artistic process. Our common objective is to identify how and when our lives - especially our current lives - regulate and compose our way of feeling, loving, resisting, believing, seeing and existing. Powder is above all a collective practice of our way of articulating words and gestures, individual and collective, desire and opposition. In that movement of convulsion, of dispersion and of erring into the unknown, it are our bodies, full of forces and contradictions, which are pulverized and become powder among us. Let’s dig new forms of breathing together! Here is our call!“