Everything starts with a letter. From Egel to Mol. That he wants to be with her. Talk about things together. Drinking tea together in front of the window. Looking outside together. Count sheep together and Sleeping together in one bed. Stekeblind is a love story. Romeo and Juliet is a preschooler. Authors: Raf Walschaerts and Frans Van der Aa Game: Femke Platteau and Freek De Craecker Director: Frans Van der Aa Composition: Peter Spaepen Decor: Geert Hautekiet Light: Dennis Diels Costumes: Jana Roos Animation: Fran Van Gysegem Based on an idea by Ariane Sonck. Technique: Peter Van Hoof / Ole Ceenaeme music performance: Opus4 string quartet in collaboration with AB Decor execution: Geert Hautekiet & Martin Baarda Production management: Celine Vanhoutte Stage production: Violetta Rijnhout Photos: Jeroen Vanhoutte In the press: 4Hoog has grown into a quality label that guarantees stimulating nursery theater (…) the new Stekeblind (3+) and lets you realize what great craft it takes to captivate a toddler for 40 minutes. - deMorgen, Evelyne Coussens At 4hoog they therefore take great pride in their meticulous finish with music, image, rhythm (…) in the form of a smooth little wheel that wants to continue sanding content. - DeStandaard, Wouter Hillaert