Medium is the result of a four-week workshop with Eleanor Bauer and drama students. “Con mit von schliesel mit der grosse scheisse” - Heidegger Now, I am going to blow up the Law, I will break up the truth with laughter. I refuse to explain but I disclose everything. ABORT ME IF YOU DARE. It hurts to punch the floor but I am trying to get the message across. How can I find words for the in-between parts, the disintegration and loss of form or reference. I try to fake it the whole time. The muse leaves my side, to wander astray someplace more interesting. One more secret: it's beautiful when a group of people can hold together something uncertain. Without poking and prodding and demanding more, without provoking and oppressing the weirdness and softness, without reducing the complexity. I am a fucking package. I am one and many. Some teenage accident. Maybe even a sexual relationship with an eye. Looking for something to turn into art - when the real experience of what is happening is not possible to recreate, when the mess that is pouring in through my senses will never be tamed. I imagine authorship on the beach, on holiday, getting a tan maybe even a sun burn, spacing out, a lovely early retirement kind of atmosphere. What is there to appear in a world that hides itself in between what is not happening in front of my eyes? Did they, yes or no, use their wooden leg as a dildo? Those questions interest me. I am not a narrative animal. I never abandon sensation. There's no end to the wind around my head. Concept and direction: Eleanor Bauer | Created with and performed by: David Van Dijcke, Freek De Craecker, Johanne Schröder, Maarten Van Lancker, Rosie Sommers and Sabien Van Moorter